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What is HeFiMed India?


HeFiMed India – Health Fitness & Medicine is a unit of Macros Media is one of the most trusted sources for you to find all about your Health, Fitness Tips and also Medicines. With over than years of knowledge on Medicines and rising from a Family of Doctors, HeFiMed India is just here to sport you! HeFiMed India is ready to build the largest directory of the medicines you consume, you know and even those which can save you from diseases. You can get regular updates on Health Tips, Medicines and also ways to get yourself a cure. The Core Team of HeFiMed India hopes to reach out to every corner of India in spreading awareness, information and also much more to encourage you. 


At HeFiMed India, we offer you to take care of you, your loved ones or even people residing abroad with proper tips, suggestions of medicines, appointments with the renowned doctors and much more. 


What Can You Find in HeFiMed India?


Are you in some trouble to sort out which medicine you need to take? Does your doctor has suggested this medicine? Will it be truly beneficial for you? What will happen if you skip the dosage? A lot of questions such as these render in our minds which we randomly purchase medicine from our local store. But without consulting a doctor, is it really a good thought? HeFiMed India brings you the perfect answers with a directory of Medicines available. Also, here are a few things that you can get on our website:




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